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About us
Cradlechem (JiangSu) Technology Co.Ltd, founded in 1988, which located in JInTan PeiFeng chemical-industry zone in ChangZhou. It is one of the leading suppliers of chemical intermediates including chiral chemicals to the pharmaceutical and liquid crystal chemicals and other special chemicals in China.
In 2000, cradlechem (JiangSu) formed cradlechem (ChangZhou) as a manufacturer of chiral chemicals, located in Chemical park of Changzhou and covers an area of over 17.000 square meters.
Cradlechem was accredited for the certifications of ISO9001:2000 quality management, ISO14001:1996 environmental management & OHSAS18001.
Cradlechem was awarded the 1st grade prize of the science and technology progress in Jiangsu province in 1997 and the 3rd grade prize of the science and technology improvements by Education Ministry of China in 1998, the 3rd grade prize of the national inventions by Science and Technology Ministry of China in 1999.
In the area of chiral chemicals, Cradlechem develops, manufactures and sells a range of chiral amines, chiral acid and other chiral intermediates applied in pharmaceuticals.
In the area of other fine chemicals, Cradlechem even has been focusing on producing pharm-intermediates and liquid crystal compouds. Cradlechem is good at reactions with hydrides and amines in high press, Optical resolution, Transfer phase reaction and F-C reaction etc.
Today In an ever-changing competitive environment, cradlechem continuously enhances its position for a sustainable development by flexible, proactive, individually customized and high-speed production of top quality products.

Quality management system
The Quality management system at CRADLECHEM is based on ISO9001:2008 system and audited and reviewed periodically.
At CRADLECHEM, quality of product is closely inspected through multiple steps starting from raw material control, it includes but not limited to: material test and release, QC in process control and intermediate test, batch sheet review, product release, pre-shipment inspection and sample delivery, shipment tracking. It's built into product in each step of supply chain such as product process design, manufacturing, sales etc. by numerous quality assurance activities.

Environment health and safety (EHS)
CRADLECHEM actively take EHS as an integral part of our business, operations and life. We believe EHS management is our responsibility to the world we live, which is vital to sustainable development of our company.
We implement an Environment Management System in accordance with ISO14001-2004,and implement a Health and Safety Management System in accordance with OHSAS18001. Both systems are integrated and audited and reviewed periodically.

EHS Team Activities
It has the task of avoid risk and loss within the whole company. Include Environment protection; Health protection, Work and process safety, Emergency management, Transport safety.

Environmental protection
Minimize our operation to the environment; Best use of raw materials and energy; Develop and maintain a carefully managed system for handling by-products and wastes; Investigate environmental-protection non-conformities and implement corrective and preventive action; Internal audit & management review; Regular training program.

Waste Gas Treatment  
Waste gases generated during production, R&D etc, are collected and treated with acid & alkali, active carbon.

Waste water Treatment
All waste water is pre-treated with oxidation, neutralization, decantation, anaerobic and aerobic, then is sent to the municipal wastewater treatment center after continuously monitoring.

Solid waste Treatment
All solid wastes and other wastes that can not be recycled or treated on site are sent to designated external companies licensed by national Environment Protection Administration(EPA) for treatment.

Health protection
We have a Health and Safety Management System in accordance with OHSAS18001. This program regulates all operations to safeguard Health and Safety, ensure compliance, monitor related issues and provide internal training.
Provide regular training to our employees. All occupational health data for each chemical is available to all employees for them to understand health risks.
Employees in production area are required to wear proper preventive equipment such as safety helmet, rubber gloves, goggles and face mask.
Developed tools to carry out work place assessments on employees' exposure to chemicals.
Arranged to take physical examination for all employees.

Work and process safety
All dangerous chemicals are kept in separated warehouse, and are subject to stricter written procedures for storage, warehouse-in or out.
Equipped with fire/explosion equipmen
Invite external professional safe consultant company to systematically find potential hazards and evaluate and reduce the risks of aspects of operations. Hazop reviews have been carried out for new installations from engineering design, start-up to commercial campaign.
Investigate, analyze accidents & incidents and implement corrective and preventive action.

Emergency management
Evaluated Risk and established scheme to deal with incidents and emergency situations.
Test emergency response with real life scenarios to ensure immediate action and minimize harm to people and damage to equipment and the environment.

Transport safety
Select transportation subcontractors with official permission and provide Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) to driver.

ISO&OHSAS certification  


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