Sewer Run Review

During my school years I have played a massive variety of games, however some of my all-time favourite game genre are skating games. There was something about comboing insane stunts on a halfpipe which made me and all my friends play them endlessly. I played countless hours on games such as Tony Hawk Underground 2, Skate 3 and I’ve even tried out some of the newer games such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5.

The Last Castle Review

Do you really enjoy Defense Games? How about the artistic style of Knights Rush? Love playing online with your friends? If, The Last Castle the perfect game for you. It is a very unique mixture of defense games but with an upgraded upgrade system akin to an RPG you will have boat loads of fun playing The Last Castle.

Boat Parking 3D Review

Seems parking game reviews are becoming a staple on GamesPoint and that is a-ok with me! Today’s parking game review (should do specific days!) is not a car nor a truck parking game but rather boats! Who would have thought of making a boat parking game, and wait there is more. It’s all in 3D! So put that all together and you get the great parking game; Boat Parking 3D.

RicoShooter 2 Review

One of my favorite “gimmicks”, if you will, in flash games is ricocheting. Of course the king of ricochet games is the Ricochet Kills series. Well it seems a contender (although this is the sequel so maybe more like rival) has appeared; Ricoshooter 2. Luckily for Ricochet Kills I don’t think they need to worry.

From start to finish I just got this feeling of sub-par knockoff for Ricoshooter 2. Now don’t get me wrong, Ricoshooter 2 looks very nice and has a great deal of polish put into it. That part is good and I like the futuristic robot feel it has. However, when you compare level designs and the actual ricocheting of the bullets, Ricoshooter 2 falls short.

Bit Dungeon Review

I just cannot pass up a good dungeon crawler game. Not sure why but just love the genre. The randomness, all the loot, the action, really gets my blood flowing. Combine this with my favorite style of graphics and Bit Dungeon has been born.

So if you didn’t get my short description up above, Bit Dungeon is your typical randomized dungeon crawler with “bit” graphics and it is a really darn good one at that. First off all the graphics are amazing, everything has that nice SNES/GBA style to it. The best part of all though is the randomness; random enemies, random dungeon layout, random loot, etc. Every play is a new experience and that is what gets players to keep coming back, it’s replay value +1000 in my books!